About IT Marketplace

SLAC IT is pleased to announce the new SLAC IT Marketplace! 

The IT Marketplace improves the experience of ordering SLAC IT’s recommended standard desktop and laptop computers as well as accessories. Our website helps you select the right computer and accessories for your needs while also providing a more streamlined ordering process to facilitate faster delivery to you! 



To place an order with the SLAC IT marketplace, you'll be required to have a SLAC computing account and a PA (Project Activity) number.


To view product pricing information, please visit our product pricing sheet (SLAC log in required).

Custom Orders

If you require computer hardware that is not available through the IT Marketplace, please visit our knowledge base article, How to Order a Custom Centrally Supported Computer Hardware.

Questions and Support

Please review our FAQ page if you have any questions.  Please reach out directly to our Help Desk if you need further assistance with your order.